Meeting 2015:
Thursday, May 21, 2015



SBMS Young Investigators Workshop
May 21, 2015 - May 22, 2015
Hotel Carlton Europe, Interlaken
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The Swiss Bone and Mineral Society (SBMS) was established in 1995 with the following purpose:

-  To stimulate research, teaching, and clinical activities in the field of bone and mineral diseases as well as in any field of basic science related to it.

-  To promote interactions among scientists and clinicians and among other scientific societies at the national as well as at the international levels.

-  To give assistance for questions related to the development of research, teaching, and continuing education in the field of bone and mineral diseases.

-  To act as a delegate for all public health problems related to bone diseases, in close collaboration with the Swiss Association against Osteoporosis (SVGO).

Membership is open to all scientists and clinicians interested in the field of bone and mineral research, as well as to commercial corporations. The society holds at least one scientific meeting per year. Committees may be designated for the study of particular problems.


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e-learning course SVGO/ASCO: 
- Curriculum in metabolischen Knochenerkrankungen (download pdf)
- Cours sur les maladies osseuses métaboliques (download pdf)

2015 Meeting
The 21st Joint Meeting of the SVGO and SBMS will be held in Bern, on
May 21, 2015 (download program 2015)

The 3rd SBMS Summer School will take place on May 21/ 22, 2015 in Interlaken
Invitation & Program (download pdf)
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The SBMS Summer School is generously supported by the Foundation Pro Scientia et Arte

eCM XVI: Implant Infection
(Orthopaedic & Musculoskeletal Trauma Related)
24th - 26th June 2015, Congress Center, Davos, Switzerland)

Meeting 2014

Winners of the 2014 SBMS Awards (20th Annual Joint Meeting of the SBMS & SVGO/ASCO , Bern, Switzerland)
SBMS14 Preclinical Award
Deepak Balani (University of Bern)

Balani D, Aeberli D, Hofstetter W, Seitz M (2013) "Interleukin-17A stimulates granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor release by murine osteoblasts in the presence of 1,25-dihydroxyvitaminD(3) and inhibits murine osteoclast development in vitro" Arthritis Rheum 65:436-46.
SBMS14 Clinical Award
Thierry Chevalley (University of Geneva)

Chevalley T, Bonjour JP, van Rietbergen B, Ferrari S, Rizzoli R (2014) "Fracture history of healthy premenopausal women is associated with a reduction of cortical microstructural components at the distal radius" Bone 55:377-83.
SBMS14 President's Award
Emmanuel Biver (University of Geneva)

Biver E, Thouverey C, Magne D, Caverzasio J (2013) "Crosstalk between tyrosine kinase receptors, GSK3 and BMP2 signaling during osteoblastic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells" Mol Cell Endocrinol 382:120-30.

Meeting 2013

Winners of the 2013 SBMS Awards (19th Annual Joint Meeting of the SBMS & SVGO/ASCO, Bern, Switzerland)
SBMS13 Preclinical Award
Nicolas BONNET (University of Geneva)

Bonnet N, Conway SJ, Ferrari S (2012) "Regulation of beta catenin signaling and parathyroid hormone anabolic effects in bone by the matricellular protein periostin" Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109:15048-53.
SBMS13 Clinical Award
Heike A BISCHOFF-FERRARI (University of Zurich)

Bischoff-Ferrari H, Willet WC, Orav EJ, Lips P, Menier PJ, Lyons RA, Flicker L, Wark J, Jackson RD, Cauley JA, Meyer HE, Pfeifer M, Sanders KM, Staehelin HB, Theiler R, Dawson-Hughes B (2012) "A pooled analysis of vitamin D dose requirements for fracture prevention" N Engl J Med 367:40-9.

Andrea TROMBETTI (University of Geneva)

Trombetti A, Hars M, Herrmann F, Rizzoli R, Ferrari S (2013) "Effect of a multifactorial fall - and - fracture risk assessment and management program on gait and balance performances and disability in hospitalized older adults: a controlled study" Osteoporosis Int 24:867-76.
SBMS13 President's Award
Andre TIADEN (University of Zurich)

Tiaden AN, Breiden M, Mirsaidi A, Weber FA, Bahrenberg G, Glanz S, Cinelli P, Ehrmann M, Richards PJ (2013) "Human serine protease HTRA1 positively regulates osteogenesis of human bone marrow - derived mesenchymal stem cells and mineralization of differentiating bone - forming cells through the modulation of extracellular matrix protein" Stem Cells 30:2271-82.

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